Thursday, January 25, 2007

Either Get With the Program or Get Out

From the moment Coach Nick Saban stepped onto the tarmac of the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, it was clear there was a new sheriff in town. With Saban comes credibility. With credibility comes the ability to have more accountability and discipline over the players he coaches. His career record speaks for itself. His system flat out gets results. He is a very no nonsense type of guy. You will either choose to board the "USS SABAN", or you will watch as it sails by you.

Discipline is key in anything a person attempts to be successful in, and especially in the "team" sport of football. With Saban there will not be anymore missing team meetings or dozing off during film sessions.

"Once he walks in a room, everybody gets tight, tensed up and focused. If you fall asleep, you might as well get ready to be done for the rest of the season," Former LSU wide receiver DeWayne Bowe said.

You will see a totally different product this fall under the tutelage of Saban. Players who have never made an impact before, will look as if they are the second coming of Bobby Humphrey. You will also realize several usual starters who did not hold their spot. Saban is a perfectionist and he expects his players to preform in that fashion.

Here's to reassembling an Alabama team in which all of those who face us, hope they never-ever have to again!!!

Roll Tide

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