Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Joe's Take: Bama v. LSU Preview

I have suffered through watching Alabama play on the road all year. I keep telling myself every time I turn on the game, "It's gonna be different this time." But, I am always wrong. Alabama gets off to a slow start, can't rebound, can't play defense, can't get an open look at a 3 and when they do, well, they miss it. This has happened time and time again this year. I have a feeling that tonight there is a chance that things will finally go Bama's way.

I am gonna tell you what I would like to see happen tonight. I think that intensity and good defense are extremely important in SEC basketball. The way Justin Tubbs played against Arkansas was nothing short of amazing. He personally led the comeback, although Bama fell short, it would have been a blow out without his defensive exhibition. I truly think he should start this game as a reward for his play. Mykal Riley did not play the way he is capable of playing and for that reason he should not start.

I also think that Mark Gottfried has got to get a little fired up and yell at somebody. If for no other reason just to get the fans off his back. Coach Gottfried has not showed much emotion this year either directed toward his players or the officials. I have seen Mark receive technicals and it gets the fans and the players even more into the game. Sometimes you have to get on the officials, especially in the SEC. The officiating in the SEC this year has been atrocious. But that's a whole separate article.

I think to have a chance against Glen Davis, Bama's Richard Hendrix and Jemareo Davidson should just go right at him all game long. Placing him in foul trouble can of course eliminate him as an inside threat.

The majority of my opinion about tonight's game is common sense. But that's my take on things. I think Alabama will win in a very close one.

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